The village of Olymbos is located in the northern part of the island of Karpathos. Olympos is built on the side of Mt. Profitis Elias, in altitude of 250 meters, overlooking the Aegean sea, with a view towards Kassos island, Crete and Astakida island.

The general region of Olymbos lies north of Mt. Kymaras and includes the northernmost part of the island as well as the island of Saria, which is agricultural in nature. Saria island is separated by the mainland by a straight of about 100m wide. The region of Olymbos is comprised of mainly mountainous areas totaling up to 37 km2 but many areas are covered with woods or offered for cultivation and livestock feeding.

In surrounding areas you will also find Diafani village, Avlona (agricultural village with stables and fertile lands) , Tristomo ( a small harbour with small fishing houses), Nati, Forokli, etc. Those lands produce olives (olive oil), grains, fruits, vegetables, and grapes.  The visitor of the place will easily notice that most of the mountains surrounding Olympos village are separated in small stripes of land that were used to cultivate agricultural products and feed the local population.  Locals were trying to cultivate every part of these mountains, even the most distant ones in order to be able to feed their families.

Northern Karpathos includes areas of rare beauty and habitats of rare species.