Diafani is a beautiful  small fishing village close to Olympos village (just 10 minutes drive by car or 1h by feet) that is suitable for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful nature of Karpathos.  Moreover, Diafani, is the second harbor of Karpathos, as well as an anchorage for passing sailing or fishing vessels.  

It was inhabited permanently from the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, Diafani has  a beautiful beach and a few cafes and restaurants where you can relax all day around.



Avlona is located north of Olympos village and it is the 3rd inhabited village of northern Karpathos (after Olympos and Diafani).

In the past, Avlona used to be the center of agricultural life of Olympos and Diafani area.  The inhabitants of Olympos village had around 200 farm houses there, which were called “stavloi” (stables or barns or byres). Each “stable” had all the necessary inside and outside parts (threshing floors, holes under the ground  to store grains, etc.) in order to accommodate all the needs of agricultural families.


Saria island

Saria Island (Greek: Σαρία) is a rocky, volcanic island along the northern edge of Karpathos, separated from it by a strait 100 m (330 ft) wide.  Administratively, it is part of the community of Olympos.  It has little plant or animal life, and has a number of sharp cliffs.  In  Saria now, the ruins of the ancient city of Nisyros can be found (in area Palatia). 

Although the name is subject to dispute, scholars link it with the name of an ancient Greek Princess named Katherine from a line of Saria royalty. Greek legends say she was as beautiful as Helen of Troy and so they named an Island after her majesty. On the island of Saria, it is recorded history that a kingdom existed named Mikri Nisyros.

Currently, Saria is frequented by tourists that enjoy hiking (there are numerous hiking paths around the small island), swimming or diving. It is also a very good place for spear fishing. It also has many small monasteries so throughout the year there are numerous festivals taking place (St. Zacharias, Panormitis, St. Panteleimon, St.Anna, etc).