Traditional music and songs, used to be and still are a very important part of local life in Olympos Karpathos. Up to now the local festivals of Olympos keep their traditional character intact, while the local traditions and the rules of the festivity are obeyed by all the participants, in the same way that they used to be by their grandfathers and grandmothers in the past.


Every national holiday or other celebration (weddings, baptisings, etc) is accompanied by the traditional music, songs and dances.

Even everyday hangouts of locals are ending in playing music and dancing until morning.

Traditional musical instruments of Karpathos island that still accompany the traditional festivals are

3-string Karpathian Lyra

Tsambouna (bagpipe – local ancient name “askavlos”)



Dance in Olympos is in fact the culmination of most karpathian festivities. In Olympos, the dance is held most of the times in the central square of the village in front of the Church of Panagia or in the “megaron” building of the village.